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Treblebaps's News

Posted by Treblebaps - May 17th, 2022



Posted by Treblebaps - April 13th, 2022

The past couple weeks I've been working on an animation of Afton's speech from the Sister Location intro.

I think I've made some good progress too! :>

Anyway this is what I've got so far


Posted by Treblebaps - April 8th, 2022

Getting covid has been traumatizing thus far and generally sucks my fat juicy ass.

Once I’m well I’m going to put god into a choke hold and spit in their mouth.


Posted by Treblebaps - March 6th, 2022

Mostly hyperfixating on FNaF currently

Posted by Treblebaps - May 17th, 2021


Well, after over a month of work I finally have something to show. A little taste of the lady 8/mobster gang fight animation I’m working on.

This is a 4 second clip for an animation I intend to be just under a minute. It’s currently a rough draft, and if I can manage it, I’ll make the full animation lined and coloured.

I’ve been using this to teach myself how to animate, it’s not perfect but I feel like I’ve learned a lot and I’m really proud of it.

So yeah, hope you guys like it. I’ll be sure to give more updates in the future as it progresses. :>

(Btw song used is https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/901555)

Posted by Treblebaps - May 8th, 2021

I've gotten 4 seconds of rough animation done... out of the 51 seconds that will be the entire animation.

Not much I know, but I honestly feel fairly proud of myself. I'm doing this while also teaching myself how to animate, which is why it took so long just for this. (Long breaks also attributing to this cause recently life has kinda been a mess.) I got the hang of a walking cycle, which was my biggest hurdle. As well as someone falling, which was really difficult and is still kinda meh but it's getting better.

I'm trying to stay positive, and use every resource I possibly can. I'm going to finish this and use this to learn, even if I have to run on shear unadulterated spite just to get some work done. This is gonna take awhile, but I hope it's worth it in the end.

Posted by Treblebaps - April 16th, 2021

Currently practicing animation smears. Find my stuff always looks really choppy or when I've tried to blur things doesn't really look right. It's a bit frustrating, feels like learning to draw all over again. But I really hope this pays off.

My biggest hurdle atm is figuring out where to smear. I feel like I'm either doing it too much or too little and I'm stuggling to find that inbetween. I've tried to keep it too when there's a bit space inbetween my previous frame, but that doesn't always seem to work.

Also trying to figure out what KIND of smear to use. I want to find what fits my style best and what's the most fun, but it's conflicting. It all feels hard and complicated, despite seeing people do it easily, but I guess that's just how all art is at first.

Posted by Treblebaps - April 12th, 2021

story boarding is hard

Posted by Treblebaps - April 8th, 2021

So, I’ve currently started working on an animation centered around 8, this bitch

I’ve wanted to dip my toes into animation for awhile now, and I wanted to start with a combat animation.

Mostly because I wanted to focus on animating the body as a whole, with a combination of fast and slow movements to really get the motions down.

I’ve practiced privately on and off for a few years, but I think I’m finally ready to try and make something I wanna post.

It’s going to be based around 8 casually walking through a gang fight between the Billiard Boys, and some rando gang led by a Rakshasa.

And oppose to just showing off her spells, she’ll be using a combination of weapons she owns.

Basically this flimsy wizard walking through a battlefield and wrecking shit anyway.

So yeah, no idea how good this will actually look, but I hope you guys will like it

Posted by Treblebaps - February 21st, 2021

Well I finally got everything in order, I'm now officially open for commissions!

This is real exciting for me, and I'm happy I've finally gotten to take this step. I hope this will also open up opportunities to work with other artists an all that as well.


Anyway here's my terrible burger website if ya'll wanna see my commissions stuff.