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Treblebaps's News

Posted by Treblebaps - February 12th, 2020

Alright i'm back from my trip and everything should start going smoothly now. Already got half a ref sheet done, so hey! works moving along.


Posted by Treblebaps - February 8th, 2020

So, I know i said I wasn't going to be posting a lot of the behind the scenes stuff, and i still don't plan to, but I'm going to be gone for a few days because i have to take a short trip to the US with my wife (Been trying to get citizen stuff all figured out over here and it's been a pain) Because of that, i wanted to share some of the stuff i've been working on for Atrona Robota, just to prove i'm actually working on it and give some insight to what it's actually about.

First, Atrona Robota will be slice of life in a modern dystopia, there will be heavy elements of mystery and a good deal of action/combat and comedy, whether it's dark or wholesome.

This is Atrona, more specifically this is one of the suspended continents of Atrona, Purgery. One of the most "comfortable" of the continents, though very still susceptible to the violence and discrimination that plagues this entire world without control. There are no prisons, very loose laws, heavy weapons being sold at places like "The Brozone", Iron addictions, and an ever changing maze built inside the continent itself which is incharge of many casualties when it is routinely shifted. The plates on the outside of the maze, which are basically neighbourhoods, with houses, apartments, and several establishments, also move. They are broken into districts, the elite being near the top, the rich to high middle class in the middle, and the middle to impoverished classes near the bottom. This is where most of our story will take place, of course there is more than just this model, but i have to keep some secrets ;>


(To clarify, the model is not polished because I don't need it to be, the model itself will not be in the comic, instead it is there for me to shift and move so i can tell where everything is at any point in the comic. This model will also be used for me to paint over, so in shots with it present, it will be hand drawn and look much better)

Now these are the inhabitants of Atrona, the Robota. Robota fall into two "races". Morta, which have a very human appearance, and Amalga, which look like combinations of many things. I will get more into detail about how robota work in the comic, because honestly i don't want to talk your head off, and i want you guys to learn on your own. But to clarify, they aren't humans, they aren't cyborgs, there AREN'T humans in this world, they're their own weird bizarro thing. These are very VERY rough sketches of some of the characters, mostly down to their general shape while ignoring any detail, these are currently being worked on so i can make full rotation ref sheets for every one of them, AND there are some i'm still hiding from you guys because, well, spoilers :/

Be sure to get a good long look at some of these designs because it may be like 2 years before you see some of them again baby! this comic is very planned out.


Speaking of robota, here's our thrilled protagonist of the story, Krono! (His robo ass covered up for modesty sake)

You'll learn more about him moving forward, but this is the ref sheet i'm currently working on, i'll hopefully have him done and posted here before i have to go on that trip.


As a final addition, here's some Robota blood practice i did for the comic today, i didn't really know where else to put this so here's as good as it gets.


If you haven't guessed yet this will be a very colourful comic, even during blood shed...ANd that gay shit!

To end this off, This is a story me and my wife Riddles have had and been working on for years, like, since we were kids. We have a lot planned for it and we've pretty much bared our souls into this. Even though i'm really anxious about finally putting it out there, the inspiration i've gotten off of other creators, and the small handful of people supporting me have really pushed me to put my all into this. I've honestly been a little worried the comic won't find much success on newgrounds, because i'd have to post it in gif files (lowering the quality of the art) It's meant to be half animated, and because of that it will be in video format on all other websites, but the intended viewing experience will be on our own Website, WebmancerStudios. It will be much more dramatic and alive there because the animated frames won't be the only unique feature.

The website itself isn't much now, but i plan to majorly redesign and upgrade it before the comic, so if you want to read as intended, you will find it here.


Again thank you all so much, and i really hope you guys will Enjoy Atrona Robota :^>


Posted by Treblebaps - February 7th, 2020

Models done, made some rough layouts of areas, and now it's finally time for character ref sheets!

I've made some adjustments to some of the characters I showed previously to this, mostly stuff that shows off their personality better and makes them more expressive to draw.

Plus, i finally feel like i've become more comfortable with my artstyle (ask me in a week i doubt i'll feel the same l:V)

I'll keep giving updates, but once me and Riddles start storyboarding, it may take a little bit for the first pages to come out. Just keep in mind that this comic will be semi animated so ye, why it might take a bit.


Posted by Treblebaps - February 6th, 2020

Alright after taking a short break with chill drawings, i'm back on working on the comic. The models are done, just gotta make some layouts for locations, and then you guys will start seeing some character ref sheets :v


Posted by Treblebaps - February 5th, 2020


Main meat of the model work is done, just doing some clean up stuff now, then i'm gonna be making layouts for some key buildings/areas. Sorry for the delay with kinda the extra work, but i don't want to just have plain colour backgrounds for the panels of the comic :v


Posted by Treblebaps - February 4th, 2020

Took a day break yesterday just to sketch and relax after losing my work, I've made some work back plus some, just doing the tedious stuff now. Hopefully this will take about 2 days tops, it's a lot of copying and pasting now but it takes awhile. I'm essentially setting up some important neighbourhoods and minor cities for the comic in blender, so i can tell where everything is and draw it. Sounds convoluted I know, but it will make more sense when I start the comic.

So yeah.. making progress :^>

I don't feel confident posting the models themselves, but once i'm done with that I'll be posting refined character ref sheets.

Posted by Treblebaps - February 2nd, 2020

Been working on that model i was talking about, starting to get the hang of it. I did have a bit of a set back though, accidentally saving over the first model i made, and by the time i noticed, all backup files were gone. So that was 2 days of progress down the drain -_-

Though in honesty i wasn't happy with how it turned out anyway, kind of being rushed by the end, so I might have redone it anyway.

After i've got this done, i'll be making some better character ref sheets, which shouldn't take too long. Once that's all done, Me and Riddles will get to work story-boarding the first chapter :>


Posted by Treblebaps - January 30th, 2020

Sorry i haven't posted often, i'm just really working hard in preparation for the comic. Had to do a lot of research and i just really want it to look its best before I start :v

Even practicing in Blender so I can make some reference models, might not stick but i'm practicing.


Posted by Treblebaps - November 6th, 2019

I've started working on character design sheets as me and Riddles have started work on the comic, Atrona Robota. Just general stuff like palette, the characters from all angles, and some sketches I've kept to myself because they're fairly rough. So for a bit all of my posts are pretty much going to be character sheet stuff, but hopefully people still like them.


Posted by Treblebaps - October 23rd, 2019

I don't want this to sound too ranty but I just wanted to get this off my chest. I can't do the jojo animation anymore, not because i don't want to but because i'm limited when it comes to software. I don't have the money for a proper video editer, and free ones won't work anymore. Plus I've been using Clip studio to animate it on, without realizing it wasn't build for the length of animation I want to make, so it just crashes. It's honestly a bit embarrassing, I kept saying I was working on it and working on it, feeling proud of myself for trying this, just for it never to come. All because I wanted to jump head first into something I wanted to do but just ended up falling on my face.

I've decided to just give up with the project, I can't salvage it now and I'd rather just move forward than just dwelling on this. I want to really work on my art, instead of trying to over achieve or not working on anything because I self deprecate myself too much. I just tend to get so insecure about my work, and it keeps me from wanting to draw at all, especially when it comes to original stuff.

I'm going to try to break that habit and just work on what makes me happy. I want to draw me and Riddle's dumb dnd characters, and make weird character designs, and start a comic with her, and so that's what i'm going to do. I'm going to stop beating myself up and just, put all of the stuff I really want to out in the open.

I'm sorry if this is a bit awkward to read, maybe nobody will read this but that's ok, this was more of something I just needed to say to myself.