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Been practicing

Posted by Treblebaps - September 18th, 2020

Been working on my artstyle a bit because being unhappy with it is generally what makes it hard for me to work, so I took a step back and took the time to learn and practice.

Anyway I did a full head rotation and up and down view to kind of get a better understanding of the layouts of a face and head (Only just fuckin learned that the nose goes above the jaw line, shit you learn after years of drawing)

Also did this so I could figure out hair for characters like Krono, cause I generally like having the hair stay the same shape and to point to where the character is looking, even if that isn't accurate to how it should be. Problem was I had no idea how to draw his hair from certain angles, so this helped me figure it out and also figure out when exactly to flip its direction.

Sorry if this was a bit of a rant, but just wanted to explain wtf I was actually doing. It's been a bit hard to feel motivated these passed couple months, this whole year honestly. The fact that I probably could have had the chapter 0 of Atrona done by this time if I really cracked down on myself, but I've only gotten 6 pages done has only made it harder.

But I'm doing good, and I'm feeling ok for however long that lasts. Really the only thing I'm worried about is how awkward the next page will look where midway through there'll be a jump in quality lol.

Anyway here's the head rotations, wasn't going to post them anywhere official so this is the best I can do. Some angles with the hair looks a bit odd, but after days of constantly redoing work I felt this is what looked the best in an artstyle context. Besides in fast paced animation and still frames it shouldn't be too noticeable.



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Hell yea! practice! Way to level up! I'm glad you took the time to get things even more pro~