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Absolutely love how you use colour and shading.

I know nothing of dark souls, but the way you mixed your art style with this character design is just CRISP

This is lowkey kind of sending me, our lich bbeg just evoked this exact qoute in our campaign.

Aside from that really unique coincidence, this art slaps. It's like a very nice combination of complex and simplistic with the design, and the colours just match beautifully.

Lem on

Great dude, hope he recovers

Damn this is real good. You imitated Mortis Ghost's artstyle flawlessly

Love her design so much, keep it up!

yea same

ooo! love the shading on this one!

Potato-Turtle-Art responds:

thanks im getting there with it

He's lookin nice I like em. The only advice I can give since the design is suppose to represent you, is maybe giving him a palette that more represents your art. I feel he should be a bit more colourful and bold palette wise, not too much to take the simplicity away from the design, but enough to give some attitude to it.

Your art utilizes a lot of warm purples and oranges, as well as some colder colours that are nicely cradled around all of the colour. Using more of those maybe in the hair or jacket could help. possibly the skull being a brighter colour while the hair or jacket are colder, or vice versa. Stark white can also look good amidst colour, even though I'm a bit more bias towards using black with colours. The key though with a simple design is to not use *too* many, as it can muddle it.

As well as considering you're going for a bit more of a simplistic look, maybe get rid of some of the wrinkles in the jacket. Keeping it poofy and oversized still works, but when there are too many lines it can become hard to focus on (I still struggle with this problem myself at times) Point is you don't have to focus on every curve, and can reduce it to clean shapes. But this is just my perspective and any style you want to run with can look great with enough work and practice of your own.

But criticism aside, this little dude is very simple in a nice way, and I really like em so far :>

Potato-Turtle-Art responds:

Yeah I can definitely see what you mean with the skull maybe being brighter colour I was even thinking a light blue. I do have some alt colours I've been play with but I do want to keep the hair a light grey as that matches irl

Yeah I find it hard to not add details but I can see what your saying, maybe I should different line weights to add depths.

Thanks my dude this helps me a bunch!

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